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  1. How many levels deep does this affiliate program go?
  2. How will I get paid?
  3. How much I can earn?
  4. What is the minimum balance I must get before I can request a payment?
  5. How long before I can start earning money?
  6. Is Sales or Membershipfee is Refundable ?

1. How many levels deep does this affiliate program go?
Our affiliate program goes 10 levels deep.

2. How will I get paid?
Member will be paid through the payment processor that they will choice ,it can be different than the one for purchasing membership.

3. How much I can earn?
Level 1: €1.00
Level 2: €0.50
Level 3: €0.20
Level 4: €0.20
Level 5: €0.20
Level 6: €0.20
Level 7: €0.20
Level 8: €0.20
Level 9: €0.20
Level 10: €0.30

4. What is the minimum balance I must get before I can request a payment?
5 euro is the minimum balance required. We pay within 72 hours, after the member request withdrawl. You can view your balance at any time through your control panel.

5. How long before I can start earning money?
You can start earning as soon as you pay your membership fee and your account ist activated .Then, You will receive all the link code you will need to refer customers and affiliates alike to us immediately.

6. All sales are Final AND ALL payments are non-refundable
All chargebacks or reversed transactions made on your payments will lead to an immediate conflict Resolution.

Another more Questions!

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How do I make money with The Best Matrix? 
Once you join our Club4matrix, you will be given a link refer other people to The Club4matrix . You can make money just by refering people  .

How much does it cost to join The Club4Matrix? 
The cost for membership at The Best Matrix is € 5.

How can I earn so much when there is only such a low lifetime membership fee?
Your payment of €5.00 gets split between the 10 levels , the members of your upline in the system ,referral sponsors and for the upkeep of the site, thats why you  benefit from  your referral and your referrals  benefit from  thier referrals in the same way. This works by people referring other people and as the membership fee is one-time only and because it is only €5.00, aquiring referrals is very easy.thats why the System finally ,works.

Are there any monthly or other fees?
No, there are no other fees.

I don't have a LibertyReserve account, can I still join The club4Matrix? 
Yes. You can  pay via LibertyReserve,Payza,& Egopay .Contact us ,we will help you  to exchange money  between the Banks with  extra fees .

I want to join this program, but I don't have anything to promote - I do not need the AdsPackage ?

Everyone wants  to tell everybody about something,when you do not have anything to tell .  You can earn for Referrals.You  promote your referral URL  to get referrals and to earn for everyone that join your Matrix and bis 10 levels 

I want to join this program, but I don't know how to promote this site?
There are an unlimited number of ways you can advertise your referral URL. There are Free and Paid autosurf programs that will allow you to effectively advertise the program with your referral URL. Additionally, you could submit the link into the various search engines available, post in a variety of forums, purchase ad space, and even post your referral URL in the signature of every email or post you make. 
You will recieve a Free   Step per Step ebook Training that you need  to get HUGE amounts of  Traffic  and Visitor to your Site

How much will I be paid for every person I refer?
You will receive good commission for every direct and indirect referral. Please check matrix level details for commission amount.

How does payment for referrals work?
You receive referral commissions 10 levels deep, which means that by referring only a few people and then through your direct and indirect referrals again acquiring referrals, you can end up with a thousand or more in your downline.

How soon after my referral joins will I receive the commission?
No Waiting - Instant Deposited in your site account.

How do I get paid?
You can request payment into your LibertyReserve account.the another accounts are automatic programmed for fast payment.
Member will be paid through the same payment processor that they will use for purchasing membership.
The user must upload payout proofs  before requesting a another payment  .In order to upload payout proofs: make a screenshot in your payment processor account, log in to your member account, click Payout Requests and click the 'upload' link to upload your screenshot. If you need help making a screenshot, you may want to have a look here.

When do I get paid?
You may request payment as soon as your account balance is at least €5.

Do I have to wait a long time for my payment?
No, your payment will be in your LibertyReserve account within the maximum time of  48 hours after you requested it.We are human too.we do our best.

My Ads-package is expired !!!What can I do ???

either you buy a new Package with €5 and that means another new Matrix ( & the old Matrix remains active alife and you earn from it too).!!!!

How many Ads-Package can I buy ???

So many do you wish limit.

Will I lose money in this program?
No,You'll buy ONE Ads Package with  €5 and it  for a lifetime membership fee.If you refer only 5 people of your family,school friends or university to The Club4Matrix then you will receive all the money that you spend,When they do the same you will Earn  more & more for everyone that  join unter your Matrix bis 10 level ..
You need only to work for the first level.You build your matrix like you want 
this is studied Matrix.finally,a system that work..

Can I open many accounts ???
Yes,with neu username & email ,and this is concedired as neu Matrix.You can build many matrix as many as  you like.You build your matrix like you want ....
Is this legal?
Yes, The Club4Matrix is 100% legal. In return for your investment, you are given access to the list of e-books indside our membership section. Any program that provides a product of any kind is legal.

What makes this system better than others?
Advanced security
We don't allow any information to be changed after the registration process for security reasons.

Guaranted Earnings
All members will get their 384485,6  by filling their forced matrix. How fast they get their  384485,6 is dependent on how well they advertise their referral link as well as spillover.

Site's Spillover
When someone joined the program without any referral URL, he will be placed under an active member whose Level 1 referrals is less than 2.

Multiple Accounts
All members can create as many accounts as they like using the same LibertyReserve account. The system just requires different usernames and e-mail addresses.

Too many People are spending  500 € to  50,000 € in HYIP's
Only to risk it for 110% to 300% returns assuming they will get paid, that will not happen in Club4Matrix.we are not Hyip ,MLM or investment !!!we are selling  Banner Ads and Text advertisements. ,

If you need further help please feel free to contact us. Click Here to contact us

Since 15 SEPTEMBER 2012 We've paid our 514,748 members €25,737.47 on time, every time!
We've delivered over Views to our Websites!


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